Pattern Cutter | Standfast and Barracks

Standfast and Barracks

Site Specific Installation | Ghosts Within the Machines 2016 | 3 Wall hung works, printed fabric, acrylic on wood panel

Ghosts Within the Machines is a site-specific work, which was installed on the dye room wall at Standfast & Barracks in Nov 2016. The factory became the gallery, creating a dialogue between the past and the present. Three ghostly figures float in front of the existing eroded, flaking, in-filled and flood stained wall, a sweet and sour conversation between creativity, beauty and loss. I made several visits to the Standfast & Barracks factory site during the commissioning process. On each occasion aspects of the history of the company were slowly revealed. I was particularly excited by the surfaces of the factory walls, which visibly map the changes of use and function over the years - a pragmatic aesthetic. I took several photographs of the most intriguing stains and markings on the walls, images that assumed a figurative ghostly dimension. I was interested in the idea of a functional industrial space that generated beautiful imagery on printed cloths, all of which has subsequently departed. So, my question to myself was:

What happens if the ghosts of prints past, re visits the space from whence they came?


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