9 Dreams Within the Here and Now

9 Dreams Within the Here and Now
60 cm diameter x 10 cm deep (9 panels)

9 Dreams Within the Here and Now 1988-99

9 Dreams Within the Here and Now, is a riff on the word culture I realized that we lived in a culture and could also grow a culture within a Petri dish; in both cases we have become fearful of the outcome. The core imagery is drawn from textile, geographical and biological sources. Each one of the 9 images therefore contain a fragment of another, within each disc there’s a sense of mutation, growth, assimilation and destruction.

I was always keen to extend the concept of cause and effect into a practical dimension. In 2001, I curated an exhibition called Chinese Whispers for The Study Gallery, in Poole, Dorset. I took one of the Dream images and sent it to several artists in different countries, they in turn sent their responses to another group of artists and so on… The complete group was shown together in its entirety, what surprised me the most was how quickly the core image had altered. Was this a creative act or the desire to impose more of oneself as quickly as possible?

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