Slow Turning

Slow Turning
200 x 200 12cm

Slow Turning 1989

Collection Softlab Ltd UK.

Made specifically for the International Textile Competition in Kyoto in 1989. Slow Turning was the largest of the specifically carpet design orientated works of the mid to late 80’s. Specifically in this case the Cloud Collar, a circular device derived from the aperture at the top of a tent through which the smoke exited. The design became synonymous with the entrance to another world, another personal connection to escapism. Early notes in my ideas book indicates that I was making a connection to Passage – Tomorrow Never Knows 1988 in terms of displacement, with a desire to create a movable mandala that physically could be turned by the viewer. There’s also a note to myself to integrate the patterned devices sourced from my study of carpets and other patterned devices. The piece was drawn up in my sketchbook over several pages, exploring divisions and patterns with outline suggestions for materials, indicative but not fully worked out, I always like to begin with a basic overview but with plenty of creative space for things to develop in the studio. As the work began, I became increasingly fascinated with the layering of structures one on top of another. I very much wanted the viewer to have an opportunity to rotate the work and enjoy the possibilities. To emphasize this further I built into the work a percussive musical box, a ratchet system that plays as the piece is turned. Extensively reproduced, perhaps because of its subliminal patterned, material and colourful quality.

The piece was awarded the Fine Art Prize in Kyoto during the competition.

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